Lion vs Tiger- Which one is more powerful.

Lions and tigers are animals of prey. They hunt other animals to live, both are most capable hunters of the animal world. Lions are known as the king of the jungle for their extreme power and roar that can scare the hell out of other animals. While on the other hand, tigers are the biggest of all cats.

A question arises in the mind of some people “Which one is more powerful Lion or tiger?”.

Lion vs Tiger power comparison

For power comparison, let’s first compare the sizes of both big cats. As we are talking about power so we will compare male species of both the animals. On average large African lions can weigh up to 500 pounds (226 kg). On the other hand, the Siberian tiger can weigh up to 660 pounds (300 kg). As the Tigers have many sub species some are smaller and lighter while others like Siberian tiger are bigger and heavier. Big Tiger species are usually heavier than lions so the size advantage goes to the Tigers.

Big African Lion

Lions neck hairs provide it protection from ingries

If hunting Capabilities of both animals are compared. Lions only have the max speed of 80 km/h and can maintain it for a short period of time. This speed compared to some other animals is very slow.  But lions are social animals they live and hunt in groups. Lions group is called pride. During hunting, lions and lionesses try to get as close to their prey as they can and then a sudden speed burst toward the prey. As lions can’t run for longer so they have to kill the prey in the first few seconds. Usually, lions hunt in the group so they form such a formation that when one lion is tired next start the chase or sometimes some lions wait in advance at some place while others chase the prey towards them. Lions success is in their group hunting and their stealthier approach towards the prey.

Tigers are solitary hunters, they hunt all alone. Siberian tiger can run at the speed of more than 80 km/hour but they can sustain this speed for a very short period of time. Tigers main strengths are its ability to take high jumps using its hind legs, its stealthier approach, night vision, ability to stand on back legs and fight with front legs and its powerful front legs paws. They have enormous power in their front paws and can break the skull of many animals with the single swing of the front paw. Tigers also have excellent hearing and smell sense which they use while hunting.


Lions and tigers are both powerful animals, but when we compare lions with the Tigers. Tigers are more powerful as they have very strong front paws. Tigers can stand on their back legs and can fight the opponent with their front legs. Lions are also powerful but they can’t withstand the power of Tiger paws. The only thing that goes in the favor of lions is their social life. Lions live in pride and they defend each other in case of intruders by fighting together. Tigers are solitary hunter no matter how powerful the tiger is but it can’t win from two or more lions at the same time.

Note= In wildlife Lions and Tigers are found in different habitats. Lions are African animals while tigers are Asian, it’s a very rare chance that they meet each other in the wild.

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