What are deserts?-How are they formed and desert types.

A desert is a barren area where little precipitation occurs. As for every living being, water is an absolute necessity so life in deserts have special survival skills. Deserts cover approximately one fifth of the Earth’s land. Any area is called desert if it receives precipitation of less than 10 inches per year. Precipitation is a product of any water […]

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Sahara Desert, Largest hot desert of our world.

satellite image of Sahara desert

The Sahara is the largest hot desert in our world while overall it’s the third largest desert after Antarctica and the Arctic. It spans over the area of 3,600,000 sq miles. With that huge area, Sahara is bigger than most of the world countries (Except Russia, Canada, USA, and China Sahara is bigger than every other country). Sahara Desert’s History Scientists believe that about 50,000–30,000 years […]

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